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This is the podcast for the girl who wants to be happy and healthy in all aspects of life– Mentally, physically, and spiritually– God’s way! 

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Hosted by Jeanine Amapola, a Texas-born YouTuber, speaker, and influencer whose authentic and positive content has captivated over 2.6 million followers across all her platforms. Whether you’re searching for advice, Christian content, or just a genuine conversation, this podcast will be sure to help you on your journey of becoming happier and healthier! Join Jeanine to hear a candid conversation on topics from her personal experiences, dating, faith, health, trending topics, and so much more! New episodes every single Tuesday!

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Jiovanna b.

Happy and Healthy podcast has made me look into relationships from a different perspective rather it be family friends or a significant other. It’s helping me cope with the reality of my current stage in my life of healing so thank you and a special thanks for introducing your listeners to Lysa Terkeurst as I had recently purchased her book Good boundaries and goodbyes 

Annika S.

I look forward to your podcasts every Tuesday!
Thank you so much Jeanine for blessing everyone with such amazing content. I learn so much from your episodes and feel closer to God after listening to many of them. Your so gifted in communicating with people, and your my favorite podcaster hands down!

Levi b.

Jeanine does a great job articulating her thoughts and effectively communicating her beliefs when recording solo episodes. When she brings on a guest, Jeanine asks very good questions to keep you interested in the conversation. If you’re seeking real conversations that are down to earth this is a podcast for you!
Keep up the great work

Sarah J.

Just listened to your most recent podcast on having a mission mindset and my heart is so full!! Thank you for sharing this! Listening to this is just fanning the flame in my heart to go out and share God’s love and hope with people. I’m so inspired by your testimony! Thank you so much!!